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1. They found it difficult to live in the same house because they don`t see eye to eye.
2. Although I haven`t seen her for a very long time, in my mind`s eye I can still see her shy, spectacled face.
3. When you discuss problems of the generation gap you should look at them through the eyes of your parents as well.
4. You should have opened his eyes to his friend`s falseness a long time ago.
5. They contacted the police but they also hired a private eye to work on the robbery.
6. My old school-mate was so changed that I could hardly believe my eyes.
7. The actress was so beautiful that the spectators were all eyes.
8. She invented a whole story to excuse herself but she was just pulling the wool over our eyes.
9. Make sure you clean every speck of dust became my mother has eyes like a hawk.
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Nu facem teme aici, daca ai o intrebare specifica, da-ne si ideea ta de traducere, si te putem ajuta.
Ideea este sa inveti, nu sa primesti teme gratis, aia nu te-ar ajuta la nimic...

mult succes la invatat! :)
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