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pot sa va impartasesc un fragment haios din 'White Fang'?

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(compilatie de texte,ca ar fi fost prea mult 2 pagini):
he did not know anything about entrances(..) so to him the entrance of the cave was a wall-a wall of light.(..)
  There was smth strange about this wall of light.(..)His father had a way of walking right into the white far wall and disappearing.The grey cub could not understand this.Though never permitted by his mother to approach the wall,he had approached the other walls and encountered hard obstruction on the end of his tender nose.This hurt.And after several such adventures,he left the walls alone.(..)
   Unlike any other wall withwhich he had had experience,this wall seemed to recede from him as he approached.No hard surface collided with the tender little nose he thrust out tentatively before him.The substance of the wall seemed as permeable and yielding as light. (..) so he entered into what had been wall to him and bathed in the substance that composed it.(..)  It was bewildering.He was sprawling through solidity.And ever the light grew brighter.Fear urged him back but growth drove him on.(..)
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mie mi s a parut super haios si genial scris,dar daca nu va place nu va mai scriu si restul- 2-3 fraze..
   relax,nu va cere nimeni sa traduceti,doar sa intelegeti-eu jumatate din cuvintele noi le am inteles din context
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suddenly he found himself at the mouth of the cave.The wall,inside which he had thought himself,as suddenly leaped back before him to an immeasurable distance.The light had become painfully bright.He was dazzled by it.Likewise he was made dizzy by this abrupt and tremendous extension of space.(..)It was now a variegated wall,composed of the trees that fringed the stream,the opposing mountain that towered above the trees and the sky that out-towered the mountain.
    A great fear came upon him.This was more of the terrible unknown.He crouched down on the lip of the cave and gazed out on the world.He was very much afraid.Because it was unknown,it was hostile to him.Therefore the hair stod up on end along his back and his lips wrinkled weakley in an attempt at a ferocious and intimidating snarl.'
   (eu aici as fi zis 'an attempt of,nu at-sa nu fie greseala de tipar..)
 imi place la nebunie cum se pune el in pielea puiului de lup si descrie felul in care face cunostinta acesta cu lumea din jur...
 de citit!!
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